Alternative Power Solutions

Alternative Power Solutions

To Reduce Power Consumption....

The Power Companies and Government Efficiency Departments Recommend That You:

  • Shut all the lights off, sit in the dark
  • Put on a sweater so you don't freeze

We Recommend That You:

  • Invest In an Alternative Power system that uses a combination of technologies for better cost value and reliability and then:
  • Change to 12 volt appliances, heat/air/water systems and lighting
  • Turn On The Lights, Warmth, Music
  • Relax and Enjoy Your Conveniences and Comfort

How Can You Get A Return On Your Alternative Power Investment?

The key to getting a return on your Alternative Power Investment is to begin with a starter solar power system. The start to Reduce Your Power

Consumption Requirements by changing to 12 volt lighting systems and appliances gradually. There are many 12 volt items to chose from so you

don't need to give up your comfortable convenient lifestyle.

How To Get Started:

Start with a basic system with two solar panels and a small battery pack for storage. Gradually start changing your lights and appliances to the 12v type and as you start using them you will start saving money on your power bill. Then use the savings to build on to your alternative power system and battery storage, add wind power and even alternative fuel power generator as a backup. Before you know it you will have effectively reduced your consumption needs.

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